19 June 2014

Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2

Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2

Yesterday I posted Fly UI ROM for Micromax Unite 2 and this time I am posting Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2. This ROM has no bugs and also it is just a standalone ZIP, you don't need any patch (if I found bug, I will release one). I didn't find any bug, if you find then you must tell me.. I will try to fix it ASAP.
Okay, let's see the ROM.

Features of Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2:

  • Stable.
  • Samsung Bootanimation.
  • Awesome notification bar.
  • Very nice transparent popups.
  • Nicely designed Settings.
  • S5 Launcher.
  • S5 Notification Bar.
  • Bravia Engine 3.
  • Deodexed.
  • Theme support.
  • Initi.d ready.
  • Some tweaks.
  • Not laggy like other Samsung ROMs.
  • Like Stock ROM, just themed so you can enjoy stock features too.
  • Good camera quality.
  • Samsung like Lockscreen.
  • Build prop tweaks.
  • Some other good UI features and performance tweaks.
  • Smooth scrollers.
  • Rest find out!
Screenshots of Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2:

I am not the developer of this ROM!!!!!! I have just ported it from Canvas 2.2, so credits goes to:
  • ME FOR PORTING THIS ROM TO MICROMAX UNITE 2, My|Phone Rio Lite and Wiko Bloom.
Thanks to all these above people who made this awesome ROM else this post wouldn't exist.

How To Install This ROM:
  • Downgrade to Jelly Bean.
  • Get and install CTR from here and flash it by SP Tools..Use Rio Lite's Scatter file and flash only recovery.img...Download it from here.
  • Reboot to CTR by shutting down the phone and pressing Volume UP + Volume DOWN + Power keys simultaneously for some time. Then press Volume UP key to reboot to recovery.
  • Go to Backup and Restore.
  • Select Backup.
  • Press back button.
  • Go to Wipe Menu option.
  • Select Wipe All Data - Preflash with power button.
  • Go back again by pressing back button.
  • Select Install zip.
  • Select Choose zip Sdcard to select the ZIP.
  • Select the ROM- Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2.zip.
  • Let the ROM flash.
  • Now again select Google Apps zip [gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip] to install Play Store, Gmail etc. [OPTIONAL].
  • Now press back button to go back to the main menu.
  • Select Reboot the Phone.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and the ROM will boot!!
This boot will take much longer than other boots, so don't worry about this, but don't switch your phone off while it is boot animation else you will need to do it again.. I mean reboot and it will be a time waste.


  • Click here to download Galaxy S4 ROM for Micromax Unite 2 A106.
  • Click here to download Google Apps (GApps) for Micromax Unite 2 A106.
By mistake the ROM has been named as S4, it is actually S5 based ROM..Sorry for this!! The ROM is working on My|Phone Rio Lite 2 and WIko Bloom too...! Cheers.
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  1. Awesome rom sir..

    1. Thanks for testing the ROM and reviewing it! :)

  2. Bestest rom bro...port more roms to micromax a106!!+

    1. Hehe, thanks for supporting me! I am currently busy these days, so I don't get much time for these ROMs and other things.

  3. Nice rom Sir. Thanks for providing us such a good rom....

  4. I have stock kk 4.4.2 rooted rom with ctr recovery, can I flash s4 rom without downgrading to jb?

    1. No! You need to downgrade to Jelly Bean: http://xdapalace.blogspot.in/2014/06/jelly-bean-rom-for-micromax-a106-unite.html

  5. plz reply.....
    my phone cannt recognize any network....it shows selected network unavailable....
    this problm strts frm downgrade to jb....after flashing this rom also show same problm....

  6. Sir, im a newbie here, i dnt know what is ctr. I already downloaded the rom zip file and the recovery img. I dont know what to do. Please help me

  7. sir i have some issues with the rom..home button wont work usb wont reconize lock button wont let me reboot my phone and i dont have my status bar..can you help me with this..i like your rom..thanks

  8. link is not working it says blog not found

  9. My device MMX Unite 2 shows only 490MB RAM after flashing this ROM (Galaxy S4). Known issue or any thing wrong with procedure??

  10. how to revert back to stock kitkat rom,,

  11. plz tell me how to downgrade to jellybean

  12. Problem with dialer
    It's slightly towards the right side then centre.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Is it necessary to flash gapps? will the rom not work without gapps? Please anyone tell me, I used the Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery for flashing the rom.

  15. Hello, your Link is not working.. plaesz update it

  16. Please tell me about the otg working on this rom

  17. Super rom sir ,Outstanding performance .Only one little thing when I open wi-fi it shows NVRAM Error as a network and when I try to forget it nothing happen .but phone is connect to real wi-fi network I try restore NVRAM backup but error remain same.Is it hardware problem?

  18. Sir the ROM is excellent and very nice but i am seeing my ram as 512mb only. Please solve this problem.

  19. My fb apps is loggy in this ROM. Pls fix

  20. says sim card not detected
    imei invalid even after using mtk droid tool
    plz fix it

  21. sp flash tool is not worrking plz help :( .........how it works?
    download page is not showing any info abt degrading kitkat to jellybean plz help& reply ...../

  22. rohan how to change the default time stanadard . When i choose network provided time it gives me time zone of phillipines. Plz tell how to fix.

  23. Is it still available? Help me please. I want it!

  24. How do I flash my phone with this rom using sp flash tool ??

  25. bro, file have been removed, you got new link there,,pls share..thanks :) god bless,, just need this one badly..

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