26 November 2013

How To Install MiUi v5 ROM in Lava Iris 405

How To Install MiUi v5 ROM in Lava Iris 405

Lava Iris 405 is on high-peek development. The device is having many ROMs and I say it's one of the best Lava's device which is having best development support. Last time I posted Jelly Bean for Lava Iris 405 and this time I will show you MiUi For Lava Iris 405. The ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean so don't expect any upgrade for this device. Again, the ROM is ported by my buddy Vipul Verma only. MIUI ROM is like LeWa OS, Mokee OS, Joy OS, CyanogenMod etc. and is one of the best ROM today because it has really good UI and performance. Actually, the performace of the ROM is not good but the UI is even better than CyanogenMod ROM. Same as CM, you can download thousands of theme and install in your device. Let's move to some features of MiUi ROM-

Some features of MiUi ROM-

  • Cool launcher
  • Customizable
  • Privacy Protection settings
  • Flash Light support
  • One-click cache clean up 
  • Awesome boot animation
  • Theme Support
  • Nice animations
  • Brilliant notification bar
  • New and revamped Settings Application
  • New and improved Music Application
  • Added some tweaks
  • etc.

There are many things in the ROM which you would love it. The ROM is having some much same UI  as of LeWa OS. But there are many other tweaks and I said it's some much, and not exactly/too much. Okay, let's see some pictures of this cool ROM.

The ROM I'll give you will not be in Chinese, don't worry. Okay, now let's see what are the requirements, prerequisites and downloads.

Requirements to install MiUi v5 in Lava Iris 405

  • The ROM [Link is provided, scroll for it.]
  • Lava Iris 405

  • Don't try downloading and trying this ROM on any other device except Lava Iris 405.
  • Do not flash the ROM without making a Nandroid backup.
  • Flash it only with a Custom Recovery.
  • Do not add/remove files in the ROM because it may fail to boot if you do so.

How To Install the ROM in Lava Iris 405

  • Download the ROM into your computer [Do not unzip or extract the ROM]
  • Move the ROM into SD Card and again don't extract it!
  • Shut down the phone completely and remove the battery
  • Add the battery after some seconds
  • Reboot Iris 405 to ClockWorkMod Recovery
  • Make a Nandroid Backup [Imp!]
  • Wipe the Data and cache partition
  • Go to Advance and wipe the dalvik cache
  • Go to Mounts and Partitions and format the system [Format /System]
  • Flash the ROM
  • Reboot

Wait for some time in the first boot because the system is building some caches and other data files for the boot. 
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  1. we dont need to remove battery.... as we can directly reboot into recovery through mobileuncle tools..... just need recovery.img


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