17 December 2013

Cut the Rope: 2 Coming on iOS and Android Soon!

Cut the Rope: 2 Coming on iOS and Android Soon!

One of the most famous game Cut the Rope is getting more advanced, more featured, more faster! The game was released on both iOS and Android and became too much popular. But now, the second version of the game is arriving soon, yeah. Now you will find Cut the Rope: 2 application on your Apple App Store soon. Zeptolab (the real developer of the game) has announced that Cut the Rope 2 will be available on December 19 only on Apple App Store.
The game would be compatible with iPhone, iTab and iPod devices. The game is planned to be release as a paid game but we don't have any exact news and have to wait till the game hits the Apple App Store. Again, another application is only available for Apple devices for the time being. It is the same situation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The GTA San is also available for only iOS users and not for Android users, but it will be soon available for Android and I said that it's the same situation, this means Cut the Rope 2 is also coming on Android soon, and it is sure that the game is releasing for free but in 2014!
The original version of Cut the Rope became damn popular which proved that the game was liked by everyone. The game has got more than 400 millions downloads (more than 40 crore downloads!)
“With Cut the Rope 2, we’ve taken Cut the Rope to the next level, creating a game that not only does justice to the original, but enhances the experience in every possible way, it’s literally and figuratively a huge leap for Om Nom as he ventures out into the world for the first time.” Says ~ Misha Lyalin, ZeptoLab's CEO.

Here's the simple gameplay of Cut the Rope 2 (Official):

The new game, I mean version 2 will include 120 new challenges which will make one addictive to the game. For the first time, you can now move Om Nom and can move him on the screen. The new game also brings new characters like Nommies which will help Om Nom to bring and collect more candies throughout the journey of the game.

“When we first created Om Nom and Cut the Rope three years ago, our goal was to make a game with which people would feel a strong emotional connection,with Cut the Rope 2, we’ve focused on creating a game experience which would feel almost like an interactive cartoon - with the lively and diverse animations, rich sounds, and unexpected gameplay situations.”
said ~ Semyon Voinov, the Creative Director and CEO of ZeptoLab.

Android users will be able to paly this game for free but they need to wait for 2014 (Even I am waiting!). We think that the game would be available till March 2014. Stay tuned, we will share it with you soon! 
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