15 December 2013

How To Fix iTunes 1015 Error while flashing iPhone 3G[S]

How To Fix iTunes 1015 Error while flashing iPhone 3G[S]

Hey friends, I got an iPhone 3G from my friend, he wanted to JailBreak it and I thought of upgrading it to iOS 4.2.1 and then jailbreaking it. I did a mistake and that was, I flashed my backed up .ipsw file rather than flashing Jailbreaked iPhone software through DFU Mode.Whats next? I got a wild 1015 error. After that, my my friend's iPhone stucked to Recovery Mode. No DFU mode, no WTF mode, only rebooting to Recovery mode, nothing else. My mistake was just that I didn't noticed the BaseBand and flashed the firmware through iTunes. The problem is basically about BaseBand only. For people, who're going to flash this, I will suggest you to make a custom firmware and flash it through DFU Mode [Redsn0w] only!!! I got mad while fixing it and doing googling about it. Finally, I tried TinyUmbrella method to kick out iPhone 3G from recovery. 

Credits goes to me for capturing this error and thanks for iTunes for displaying it..!

The 1015 error in iTunes usually occurs:

  • When iTunes is unable to verify the .ipsw (iPhone Software) file.
  • When you try to downgrade your iPhone.
  • When it retrieves errors from the Apple servers.
  • BaseBand problems [The most common problem]. etc.
What is the difference between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode!

Difference between Recovery and DFU mode in Apple.

DFU Mode can take any error and ignore it, which flashes the .ipsw correctly whereas Recovery mode doesn't allow you to flash any firmware with errors, even with a minor error because when you flash through iTunes, it is connected with Apple servers and everything is sent to Apple before iTunes performs any thing.

You will find many guides written by some IDIOTS which say to change your host file. If you'll do that, you wont see that error, but you will see a new error which comes before flashing so in short, that never work(s)(ed). You need to try Redsn0w or Tinyumberla apps which are free and can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows. Let's see the requirements

  • TinyUmbrella- You can download it from TinyUmbrella site, it is available for free but it can run on Windows and Mac both. TinyUmbrella

  • iPhone 3G [locked or unlocked].
  • Error 1015 (Yeah, its common and faced by everyone.)
  • iTunes
  • TinyUmbrella
How to fix iTunes 1015 error:
  • Download the latest iTunes and install it.
  • Download and open TinyUmbrella.
  • Let it open completely. When it opens completely, close it and don't open until you see the line here.
  • Plug in your iPhone 3G which is only booting into recovery.
  • Open iTunes.
  • A popup will appear which will say a new iPhone detected and you need to restore it before you could use it. click Yes.
  • On iTunes screen, which will open now, press and hold Shift and click on Restore.
  • You will see a wild 1015 error. Ignore it, it's a common error.
  • Suddenly open TinyUmbrella, and you'll see your device in 'devices in recovery mode'. Click on your device and hit Exit Recovery.
  • Your iPhone will work as usual!
Sorry but I couldn't provide you screenshots because I don't have my friend's iPhone with me now.
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