11 December 2013

How To Fix Windows Explorer has stopped working

How To Fix Windows Explorer has stopped working

Windows Explorer is not responding, this bug is common in every computer. There is always a situation where we see this error. I was feeling bored so I thought of making a post on this so users can get a solution. The solution [present here] doesn't require reboot or shutdown. You can follow this without any reboot, means your work will be safe, I can guaranty that.
The Windows Explroer is not responding bug is the failer of explorer.exe process. This happens when the processor is quite old (like mine) or when you put too much work on the computer. When it cannot handle the task, it crashes and displays the error. Now let's see the screen shot of this common bug we see in our computer:

Credits goes to me for capturing the ScreenShot.

When this kind of error appears, click on Close the program because it can take much time to respond back again. I always select Close the program because I know it will take much time. However, it depends upon you. If you're copying/moving/browsing any file or folder then please click on Wait for the program to respond else it will be closed and your work will be unfinished!

What you need to download fix this bug

  • Nothing, but a computer with mouse and keyboard.
What you need to know
  • The solution will work on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1 and on any variant.
How to fix Windows Explorer has stopped working
  • When the popup with the error appears click on Close the program and wait for some seconds.
  • Your screen will be having only your desktop or the application you're currently using. Press Control+Alt+Delete button and you will see a window with blue background which will have many options like
    1. Lock this computer
    2. Switch user
    3. Log Off
    4. Change a password
    5. Start Task Manager
Credit goes to me for capturing the picture.

  • Click on Start Task Manager. The task manager will open soon.
  • Click on File from the top menu bar.
Credits goes to me for this picture.

  • Click on New Task (Run...).
Credits goes to me for capturing the picture.
  • Type explorer.exe their and hit enter
You will see your taskbar, desktop and everything back :) Enjoy! 

Still not sure what to do? See a video made by me on YouTube:

Still have questions? Don't worry. Shoot a comment below in the comments section. Hope you fixed the error and enjoying your PC again.

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