9 December 2013

Obama wants an iPhone 5S but can't get one!

Obama wants an iPhone 5S but can't get one!

iPhones everywhere. The President of United States or America (USA) has confessed that he wants an iPhone but he's not allowed to use an iPhone because of security reasons.
While Barack Hussein Obama was at a healthcare center, he told some children that he wants to buy an iPhone 5S at this Christmas but he cannot buy one because his security advisers are not willing to give him permissions to buy an iPhone.

There can be several reasons for this, but, I think the advisors didn't allowed him to buy it because the new iPhone 5S has a finger print scanner and that scanner is already hacked by some users so they think that the finger print scanner might led to some big problems, and that's the reason (I think) why his advisors are not allowing him to buy an iPhone 5S. Anyway, there's no news which says the exact reason about this nor the Obama disclosed the matter to us.

The US President battled to continue his Blackberry device which he possessed before entering The Oval Office. Obama still has the Blackberry device, which has been beefed up with different security programs and programmings which makes the device hack-free. But, he is bored of using his BlackBerry device but cannot have one because of the reason (I think) I said before. The BB device is modified to have only 10 emails.

Other Presidents like Bush, Clinton were denied to use Email during their work and when they were the President of USA but Obama's security advisors has forced him to use Email and have an account on BlackBerry Messenger so he can always be in contact with others.

The Obama also said that his both daughters have their personal iPhone and are always busy with it and he also want to explore iOS and want to see what's interesting in iPhones. The Obama is actually interested in buying an iPhone but cannot buy it only because of his consultants.

And as I said, the fingerprint scanner is already hacked by hackers so there is no scope for Obama to get an iPhone! Other things are also not safe in an iPhone like messages because one can make an easy virus and push it to Obama's device by using some tricks. 

Only if iPhone gets powerful and more secure, then only we can expect USA's President using an iPhone with her daughters! Let's hope everything goes right and he get's his dream fulfill.

We know Obama cannot buy an iPhone 5S but you can buy it for sure! The original price of iPhone 5S is very high but you can buy it only for 53 thousands from FlipKart! Great Deal!
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