15 December 2013

Top 5 ways of making money through a Blog!

Top 5 ways of making money through a Blog!

There are many people who want to make money from their blog by many ways but fails to make money because they don't know what to do! Not only you, actually, everyone wants to make money online while drinking coffee and eating a burger but, no! You need to do some amount of work to make money like-: Sharing, making a good blog, popularity etc. Recently, my friend asked how to make money with a blog and I told him first make a good blog with decent visitors and nice rankings, then dream about money! I also told him other ways of money but he chose blogging only because it is very easy way to earn money while sitting home and just writing some posts. I will list various ways by which one can make money online easily.
Firstly, don't think that every blogger is rich and he makes a good profit! There are some Bloggers which do blogging just for money and time-pass, like me while some doesn't care about blog and just think of money. In short, not every blogger is successful. Sorry, I might disappoint you but this is truth.  People get overexcited when they make their blog but I will say you that don't be hyper or overexcited and just wait for some times when your blog will make nice visits, will have good number of backlinks, rankings etc.

In this article, I will show you some ways by which you might earn much from your blog or website!
There will be some moments in blogging when one day you'll earn much and another day, just a penny! So never get excited while blogging and don't check your earning every day because that might feel you bad or hurting.

Credits: SamsungSVI

So finally, here are some ways of making money from your Blog!

1. Google AdSense

Credits: Google for their AdSense page.

This is the best way to make money and believe me, if you get good visitors, then you will make huge money from the AdSense. In this simple system, if a user click on your text based ads or picture based ads then you make money. The money which AdSense gives is very high! Some times 20$ per a click! and sometimes 0.50$ per click but it is the best way of making money. I have tried Google AdSense on my other blog and I made good money by it.

2. Other PPV Ads

Again, if your blog is getting much visits, then try PPV ads (like InfinityAds, DirectCPV, MediaTraffic etc.) because if you get a single visit, you make a 0.01 or 0.001$, depends upon Ads provider, I used this but didn't found it interesting because my blog was new at that time and didn't had much visits.

3. Affiliate programs

Credits: Inix

I have added some affiliates programs on my blog which doesn't make much money but they simply add up in my totals. I suggest you not to try it because very less users click on Affiliates because everyone knows that the webmaster will make money through it and not everyone buys/joins the website just by seeing an ad on blog. Currently, I'm using FlipKart affiliates in this current blog and not making money which I expected and making from other blogs.

Some best affiliates programs:

4. Posting per pay

You can also earn money with Posting Per Pay system, this means just post on the websites and make money. There are many many sites which pay you per a single post. You just need to write a post and publish on the webmaster's website who is offering you this system.

Here are some popular Pay Per Posting websites that pay you per post!

5. Placing other Ads

This is the best method for bloggers, again, who gets good amount of visitors on their blog! You just need to run ADs on your Blog and voila! you make money. I have made a really very good amount of money by Placing ads on my blog(s). Here are some best Ads providers:

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  1. u knw I made 0.5$ everyday :'( isn't their any way to run a good blog? 0.5$ is verry les for me par a day .

  2. @Anonymous- Never get sad buddy, soon you might earn a lot! Never lose hope.


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