20 January 2014

Google's Removing Chrome Extensions Because They're Violating Google's rules.

Google's Removing Chrome Extensions Because They're Violating Google's rules.

Google has cleared their two applications namely Add to Feedly and Tweet this page from it Webstore of Google Chrome where one can download hundreds of plugins and themes for Google Chrome. They included ads and that's the reason why Google removed those plugins from their store. Also there are tons of other applications which do spam like Facebook photo zoomer (something like that, I don't remember exactly.)

Google's policies were updated in December 2013 which stated that the publishers of the plugins can only add the ads to the webpage of the application which this application didn't follow. Also the new policies said that there should be a simple User Interference and narrow application.
Both the applications Feedly and Tweet this page were updated recently and were stuffed with the ads.

Amit Agarwal, told us that he sold his extension- Add to Feedly to someone which is unknown (we don't know his/her name.) Till the month the application was okay without any error but after some days (30 days or a month) the buyer added ads in the plugin and updated it in the store. People were now forced to remove this application because of it's ads. Situation became too bad that even the reviews of the application had text about the ads and abusive words.
Amit Agarwal said "These aren’t regular banner ads that you see on web pages, these are invisible ads that work the background and replace links on every website that you visit into affiliate links. In simple English, if the extension is activated in Chrome, it will inject adware into all web pages."
So did you see why the users commented and abused the admin? Actually I also tried that application and it make some false links on the websites and when a user click on it, many popups pops out from the Google Chrome, I thought those were ads from the webmaster but I started seeing those ads in every webpage so I knew something was wrong. I tried some anti-malware tools which were present in my computer and still I couldn't find what was wrong. I tried viewing webpages from Chrome Incognito mode to try whether this is a problem of my Chrome or some malwares. But in Google Chrome Incognito mode I didn't saw those ads. So I removed my some plugins and found which application was causing the bug. Also it slowed down by browsing experience and I hope this was the problem with other users too. Finally Google noticed towards the ads. They removed the extension as soon as possible and contacted the admin of it. Now Google says that users need not to compromise with their browsing experience and they won't tollerate any application with such ads. If they found any of the plugins with this kind of behavior, they would simply remove the application from the Google Webstore.
The other application: Tweet this page was also having this problem but we don't know what happened with that.
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