12 January 2014

How To Enable Virtual Navigation control in any Android device [ICS+]

How To Enable Virtual Navigation control in any Android device [ICS+]

Did you see Nexus devices? They (most of them) have a Navigation bar (soft keys) in the screen itself and the mobile looks nice, premium and neat with it. But not only Nexuses, LGs and other high-ends devices can have this feature but an Android mobile phone which is rooted and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above can easily enable Onscreen navigation bar or soft keys. This is a simple task and one does not need any special thing, just a explorer or anything which can pull, push or edit the build.prop which is in /system/ folder. You don't need to be techish, and even a normal-noob person can follow this guide and enable onscreen buttons easily. I like the onscreen button and was jealous that why only Nexuses and other high-end devices have them, why not Indian and other Chinese devices have them? I did a research for some minutes and found how to enable them. After enabling them I was happy and thought of making a guide on my blog, and here I made it. Actually there's just a simple trick behind this and that is, Indian and other Chinese vendors always remove that line from build.prop because of the screen size and don't even disable the line with xxx='false' but they remove the whole line, I don't know why they do so, but that's bad of them. 


  • A brain
  • Some basic knowledge of editing files
  • Build.prop (every android has it!)
  • Rooted Android device.
  • Android with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or above.

If you have not rooted your device then bye-bye, no use of you here, I mean you need rooted device to use this tweak. Rooting is easy and here are some rooting guides which might help you in rooting your device too:

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There are many other guides too but I hope these guides will give you an idea on how you can root your device. If you are a MediaTek user, then use Farmaroot application. Oops, I think I am going out of track!

How To Enable On Screen Buttons or Soft Navigation Bar on any ICS+ Android mobile phone

By Root Explorer or any other file explorer:
  • Open terminal emulator.
  • Type reboot recovery.
  •  Make a Nandroid backup!
  • Reboot your device.
  • Open your explorer [say Root explorer]
  • Go to /system folder and scroll a bit, you will find build.prop. [Long press on build.prop file and your explorer should ask you how do you interact with this file, if you see text editor, then chose it else use any other explorer or use next guide.
  • Open it in text editor and scroll to last.
  • When you will be at the end, press enter [for next line] and you will be in the last line.
  • Add
  • so that you can easily remove the navbar if you don't remember which line enabled it.
  • Now again press enter for next line and type
  • Save the file.
  • Reboot your android device so you can see the effects of it in the next boot.
  • Woh, done!
By ADB (Android Debugging Bridge)

Make sure your ADB works (I mean drivers are installed properly!)

  • Download the compressed ADB from the link in the download sections.
  • Extract it to your any folder, say C:/users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Desktop/ADB_tools
  • Just open the folder where you extracted the downloaded file.
  • Press and hold Shift Key and hit Right click.
  • You will see Open command prompt here option, click on it.
  • Type adb pull /system/build.prop.
  • In that folder, you will see a new file: build.prop.
  • Edit the file and at the end, press enter so you are in a blank line.
  • Type
    ###Navbar_by_mxrootrom### and hit enter.
  • Now, type

(You don't need to add those LF in black box because it means that there is another line after that, I use it for development purpose)
  • In command prompt, type
    adb push build.prop /system/
  • Reboot your android phone!
Now you have a device with Navigation bar, cool na? Show of it with your friends and tell them that you have a premium device. Stay tuned for more simple and cool guides like this.
I tried to be much much clear so you can follow the guide easily but if you still find problem in anything then you can ask me here.
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  1. Nice guide! it will help many people like me..!

  2. Unable to edit build. Prop file even though my device is rooted.... It's showing that file is read only and I can't edit the file... I used Es file explorer and root explorer for editing... any suggestions? ???


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