9 January 2014

How to (hard or soft) unbrick Micromax A27 and Micromax A35

How to (hard or soft) unbrick Micromax A27 and Micromax A35

My friend broke his Micromax A27. He flashed a wrong ROM in Micromax A27 and I knew that opening recovery console of Micromax A27 will take much of hours (because I need to try every combination) because currently no one is successful in opening recovery console of Micromax A27. What was good, was that he made a Nandroid backup. So I was thinking how to unbrick it, I thought for 5 minutes and fixed his device. This is because of fastboot mode. Also, it was speadtrum device and I don't have much experience in speadtrum devices so it was just a challenge for me that how to unbrick Micromax A27. Firstly, it takes 20-30 seconds to boot in Fastboot mode and I always felt that this was a wrong combination (but it was correct!) and then I try another, I tried many methods and all. I installed PDANet drivers in my computer and I was lucky that I got Fastboot working with those PDANet drivers. Both Micromax A27 and Micromax A35 are the same devices (because the same chipset) and trust me, it will work on both the devices, I guarantee you this.
Finally I fixed the problem by flashing system partition via USB cable through Fastboot. Let's no more talk about my experience and move to our main piece of this article: How To (Hard or Soft) Unbrick Micromax A27 Bolt or Micromax A35.

Requirements for both the cases

  • Bricked Micromax A27/ Micromax A35 
  • a ClockWorkMod for case 1 and nothing except the downloads given here.
  • a USB cable for both the cases.
  • Fastboot for case 1 (download link given.)
  • USB Drivers, firmware, flashing tool for case 2.
  • Battery charged up to 50% (for both the cases).
  • a Brain!

  • Fastboot: Please Click HERE
  • Nothing except your nandroid backup which you have made. 

Downloads for case 2
Note: Before or means a situation when you have a nandroid backup and after or it means a situation when you don't have a Nandroid backup.

How To Unbrick Micromax A27 or Micromax A35

Case 1
  • Open the SD Card on which you made a Nandroid backup (by open I mean connect to computer via Card reader or any other mobile.)
  • Go to Clockworkmod folder and follow to backup folder.
  • Please open the backup which you made of Micromax A27/ Micromax A35 and copy & paste system.yaffs2.img image to your folder.
  • In that folder where you extracted the system file, extract the fastboot (link given in downloads section.)
  • Now install PDANet like a normal application and when it will display phone selection then tick Others (if not sure) option.

  • Accept all the warnings and when it will complete it's work then click on minimize it (don't exit!!!)

  • Press and hold the Volume down and Power button simultaneously for 20-30 seconds.
  • When you wills see fastboot mode in the screen with red color of text then connect your USB with it. 
  • Hold Shift key and Right click on the folder in which you have extracted system image and fastboot.
  • Click on Open command window here.
  • CMD will open now, type fastboot devices.
  • If you see your device or anything in this then it means that your device is connected, if list goes blank then try again.
  • Type fastboot flash system system.img (system.img refers to the name of your system image, I wrote system.img because it is easy to type, if you haven't changed your name of the image then replace system.img with system.yaffs2.img.)

  • It will send the file and will automatically flash it..
  • When it will flash completely, then type fastboot reboot in the same command prompt window.
  • Done!!
Case 2
  • Open DPInst.exe file to install your drivers. Let it install, and close it.
  • Extract the file (firmware) and there will be .pac file which is having our firmware of Micromax A27/ Micromax A35.
  • Open the tool and select the .pac file which you just extracted.
  • Open the flasher and press Play/Start on the tool.
  • Press and hold the Volume down button for some time (5 seconds) and insert USB in your phone (and computer too.)
  • Installation of the drivers will take automatically and it will flash your system.
  • Done, now reboot!
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  1. sir,
    i have hard bricked my canvas turbo and i am also having stock rom official of canvas turbo on my pc
    i wanted to know that 1st method will be able to work on my device or not and if yes then which image should i use as sytem.img
    i have following items in my offical turbo rom
    boot.img of about 4 mb
    system.img of about 750 mb
    userdata.img of 28 mb
    which file to use for fast boot
    please help thank u in advance

    1. Your fastboot is working? If yes then connect ya device, make sure drivers are working and put all these files in a folder with "fastboot and adb tools" (download it from here only.)

      And then open Command Prompt on that folder and type these commands:

      fastboot flash boot boot.img
      fastboot flash system system.img
      fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
      and Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo will boot :)

  2. my mobile drivers and not getting installed on pc not detecting in sp tools will fastboot will able to detect my modem .
    my phone is completely dead no charging LED,no boot via power button,nor going to cwm recovery by power button +volume up and down

  3. :O Try charging it, if it displays charging image, you are safe and if not then no scope.

  4. hiii rohan my phone is micromax bolt a27 it is bricked and i tried like case 2 but there is no change in flash tool .how can we flash firmware

    1. * Drivers not installed properly
      * Device not connected properly
      * You are not following properly :)

  5. yes i had seen that while installing dpinst.exe there is an error i.e google inc (win usb ) installation failed

    how can we install them

  6. all drivers are installed except that one can u suggest me how to install that

    1. No! You don't have to install it. Just open it and follow whats given here.

  7. how much time does it takes to flash firmware

  8. its just saying checking baurdate and and waiting 11,12,13

  9. Friends i have also bricked my micromax a27 and it was stucking at boot logo but find a way on xda it works on all types of software related problem for flash tool, drivers, stock rom and flashing tutorial follow this link:- forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2193194&page=3

  10. thankuuuu bro...u save my money... :-) keep it up and do work like it thankkkuuu again.... :-)

    1. I am glad that it worked for you! Stay tuned!

  11. hey plzz help me by mistake i downloaded a wrong rom n after tht i wiped data by going in recovery mode n dalvik cashe n after that my phone rebooted n now i dont have any other option 0of going into recovery mode coz itz rebooting again n agian what shud i do ?????

  12. I have tries the system.img thingi but no work then I even tried the case 2 the upgrade downloader thingi but it also stucks at the reading flash somethingish so please help me I am unable to do it and I doub I will get a new phone in recent so please and please give reply fast.

  13. heyy,, my a35 is showing bolt logo,,, when ever i put battery in to it,,it is automaticaly showing bolt logo,, so cant go in to fastboot mode or cwm// helpppp,, pc is not detecting my phone

  14. During the flashing process my micromax a27 was unplugged and now it is not even starting or going to fastboot help me on pavancoolz.pj@gmail.com

  15. bro ! hats off !! love you alot man !!
    Save my life

    bhai , i bricked my phone and couldnt flash it , idk what was happening but then i followed your case 1 and it worked !!!!
    faastboot mode !!!

    only fastboot was working and i had no idea how to flash via fastboot ! !
    but your method worked like charm !!

    i was about to throw my cell !

    hats off ! thanks .. !

    1. Donations are allowed :p LOL Hmm ;) Glad that it worked for you! :D

  16. i followed your second case steps....downloading starts ...but after 5 seconds ...operation fails...please help

    1. Try:
      plug it in. Press volume down button only.


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