7 January 2014

Micromax Dual Boot LapTab [Laptop & Tablet] boots with Android and Windows 8.1!

Micromax Dual Boot LapTab [Laptop & Tablet] boots with Android and Windows 8.1!

Micromax will soon launch their first laptop, not actually laptop but a LapTab because it has features of both Laptop and Tablet so its name is LapTab. The names seem to be cool but will the device be cool or crappy? According to a report by Engadget, Micromoax will launch their LapTab soon [Click HERE to go to Engadget.] at CES. It will be launched in Canvas series [like Micromax Canvas HD, Canvas Turbo, Canvas 2 etc.] 
This LapTab will be booting with Android 4.x Jelly Bean and Microsoft windows 8.1. We think there will be Android 4.1 or 4.2 in this LapTab because we have never seen any Micromax device which has got Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or 4.4 Kit Kat updates.
The Micromax Dual Boot LapTab boasts a 10.1 inch big screen with 1280x800 resolution, huh! 10.1 inches, who can carry it? But because it is Laptop too, then it is less size but overall, it is good but difficult to carry in hands. You need a bag to carry the device.

The device is clocked at 1.4 GHz processor. There's no rumour that the device is Dual-Core or Quad-Core but I think it will be Quad-Core device because it is a Laptop and it is 1.4 GHz so Quad-Core processor would suit a device with 1.4 GHz with Microsoft Windows 8.1. Crappy thing of this device is that, the internal storage is just 32 GB (hahaha!). Can you even make this device as your Laptop (Windows 8.1)? No. but when we see it as a tablet then it is too much. There will be 2 GB RAM provided with this device which is too much for a TabLet (Android Jelly Bean) but too less for Laptop (I mean Windows 8.1). 
It is boosted with 1.4 GHz Intel N2805 Celeron processor which is damn slow for Microsoft Windows 8 and okay for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It weights 580 grams, which is heavy for a Tablet but a leaf for Laptop. There's a light sensor in this device, Bluetooth 4.0 (will consume less battery and faster processing), WiFi and a 2 Mega Pixels front camera (don't expect rear camera!) There'a also a wireless keyboard but you will be required to purchase it additionally after buying it.
Users will be able too any OS, Android Jelly Bean or Microsoft Windows 8.1. Here are rankings by me on this device:

As a Laptop:


As a Tablet:


Combined  [LapTab]:


Now it is on you to buy this device or not. The pricing has not meant decided yet.

Some pictures of this device:

Here's a video made by me on this LapTab that contains reasons why to buy it or why not to buy it..! 

If you want to give your reviews on this Android cum Windows device hen you are quite welcome! Just comment here on this article.
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