28 March 2014

Latest ROM: ChameleonOS for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000

Latest ROM: ChameleonOS for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000

I am presenting you all now a latest and very cool custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 which is built by my brother from another mother Sasa. He has compiled many ROMs for personal use like CM 11, MiUi etc. but this ROM is his first release on XDA. This is first Chameleon OS port ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000. Because it is his first built, there are some bugs like FCs. Because of some small bugs, this ROM is currently at Alpha  stage.
Just like CyanogenMod 11, Chameleon OS is also highly customisable and supports more features than CyanogenMod 11. Yes, it is based of CM 11 and it has almost all features of CyanogenMod 11 ROM. Let me give you list of some features of Chameleon OS for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000.

Features of ChameleonOS:
  • Built using CM 11 ROM as base so all the features of CM 11 ROM are present here.
  • Fully Open Source! We don't hide sources. You can edit and built your own Chameleon OS. Get sources from here.
  • You can choose stack folders, grid and carousel (actually a launcher feature).
  • Sort folders alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or by time the app is opened (frequency based).
  • Rearangale home screen.
  • Customization gestures like Swipe UP, DOWN, Pinch to Zoom and spread.
  • Highly customizable (based on MiUi themes). You can customize Icons, Status Bar, Boot animation, Font etc. which may require a soft boot.
  • Boot animation preview.
  • Customization toggles, just tap and enable/disable.
  • Extended volume panel with more features.
  • Navigation bar added, just touch on the corner of the sceen.
  • Apply native .CTZ, .MTZ (MiUi themes) themes. (Note: Some features of themes may not work).
  • Manage Application Permissions (Just like XPrivacy).
As I said that some bugs are present, here is the list of these bugs:

Bugs in ChameleonOS (Alpha) for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000
  • Some glitches are still there, i.e. not very smooth, but good for daily use.
  • FC while enabling data from the statusbar. Just enable it from Settings and it will work.
  • Themes are not applying properly. Some part of the themes are left over!
  • Some few bugs other, you can comment here with the logcat.
How To Install ChameleonOS in Samsung Galaxy S3 I9000
  • Download the ROM.
  • Push it to your SD Card.
  • Reboot to recovery [adb reboot recovery].
  • Select Wipe data/factory reset to perform full wipe.
  • Go to Mounts and partitions
  • Select format /system.
  • Select install zip from sdcard option and select the ROM (.zip).
  • Select ---- Yes option in the CWM.
  • Flash the Google apps (GApps) using the same above two steps.
  • Now finally select Reboot system now.
You will see Chameleon OS boot screen now. Wait for some time and have a coffee. It will not take more than 3 minutes to boot. Don't worry! From now (from the first flash), the boots will be faster than the first one.


You can comment below and give your reviews for this ROM!
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