14 April 2014

Lava Iris 406Q: All You Want To Know | Review | Pros and Cons | Specifications | Price

Lava Iris 406Q: All You Want To Know | Review | Pros and Cons | Specifications | Price

Lava Iris 406Q is just an awesome mobile phone which will be launched by Lava soon and is available for pre-booking at FlipKart. I will be sharing you some of the features of the device and I will also tell you about Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 200 which is in Lava Iris 406Q.
Lava Iris 406Q will be a new flagship of Lava soon and will surely release as a boom in the market. I think this is the cheapest Qualcomm (snapdragon) device which has a Quad-Core processor with 1 GB RAM and latest OS (can be upgraded).
Lava Iris 406Q is an upgraded version of Lava Iris 406 and has many features that you won't even get in 10 thousands or 12 thousands phones. The device has a 4 inch touchscreen with a WVGA (800*480P) resolution with 233 PPI density. You can get full HD (1080p) video play back without any custom movie player. Iris 406Q will be shipped with Android 4.3 OS and Lava will provide OTA (I think) update for Android 4.4 KitKat soon, as they said on their website, but we don't know how will they provide the update. The handset shows off with it's Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU which is clocked @1.2 GHz and is obviously a Quad-Core processor. However, Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 will not provide a better gaming experience. Also the device is Cortex A9 (I think) which will provide mid-quality of graphics. You get a 1 GB RAM in this device which is normal these days and is not too good neither bad. Adreno 302 GPU is fixed in the device for good video performance, but it will be bad, because I know about Qualcomm Snapdragon 200. By bad, I don't mean that you won't be able to play games, but it means you won't be able to play heavy games flawlessly. The phone will be Dual-SIM only with GPS, WiFi, WiFi hotspot and other features. About camera, I would say that it is decent. It has a 5 Mega Pixels camera (I hope you know camera quality of these types of brands) with HDR mode, Zero shutter lag and noise reduction. You will get 4 GB internal storage (2 GB actually, and 1 GB for applications).
There will be also a removeable 1700 mAh battery and the device will be installed with Battery Guru application to manage the battery backup of device.

So are you excited about the device?
Let me tell you some things after which you may not buy this device!

  • Lava Iris 406Q has Snapdragon 200 SoC which has it's own GPU (Adreno 302) which is just a poor hardware! You won't get good quality.
  • Lava Iris 406Q has Cortex-A5 processor (thanks for SoC!) which is again, a problem creating thing. Cortex A5 is too damn slow! I have experienced Cortex A5, that's why I am telling you this.
  • 5 Mega Pixels, but what about Auto Focus? The phone has no Auto Focus, but just Fixed Focus which doesn't work! Means it doesn't focus well.
  • 4 Inch: Do you think you will be able to enjoy games on a 4 inch device? It is not even qHD (depends on screen size). For gamers, I won't suggest this device.
  • 2 GB internal storage: You think your games will fit in 2 GB storage? You need to swap your SD Card for this and for swapping, you need to root your device!
Now let me tell you things which will let you buy this device!
  • Awesome bass and sounds: The phone has High-End Surround sound with 3D Audio and Wide Bass.
  • A Quad-Core processor: This maybe a low-end processor, but still is better than MediaTek MT6572, MT6577, MT6589 etc.
  • 1 GB RAM: It has 1 GB RAM which is quite good and will not let your device run out of RAM!
  • Cheap device: It is just for 7.4 thousands!
  • Zero Shutter lag: Nexus 5's camera lags while taking pictures, but this device's camera does not lags because it has a Zero shutter lag feature.
  • Guaranteed KitKat update: Still using MTK and on Android 4.2? Better buy this mid-ranged device and enjoy KitKat update! I hope other updates will also come for this device.
You can also see my YouTube video about this device:

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  1. you r doing a great job bro..... will u create a rom for my lava n320 rooted phone and also pls give me img file for CWM recovery.... pls help...


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