19 May 2014

How To Root Any MediaTek MT65XX Phone

How To Root Any MediaTek MT65XX Phone

These days companies are working on making cheap phones and selling at high rates. Most of the comanies launches MediaTek devices inorder to make too much profit while some honest and not so greedy companies releases awesome phones at good price amount for example Motorola Moto E.
Anyways, I am here to show you how to root your MTK device, and not 'how to root Motorola Moto E'.

Which are the ways by which MediaTek device can be rooted?

  • By Flashing custom recovery and then rooting it.
  • By flashing insecured boot image and then rooting it.
  • By flashing pre-rooted firmware or ROM via SP Tools.
  • By Rooting it with tools!
The easiest one is the forth one i.e., Rooting it with tools. There are many applications and tools that can root your MTK phone and best one will be discussed in this guide.
If you have MT6575, then it might not work in your guide, but if you have MT6572, MT6577, MT6589, MT6582 or any other MTK device then 99% it will work.
It won't brick your device while rooting so relax! 

Guide 1: How To Root MTK phone with Framaroot:
  • Download Framaroot (Boromir, Faramir and Barahir) application(s).
  • Install Framaroot app.
  • Tap on Boromir, Faramir or Barahir and if you see "Success :-)... Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device" message, then it means you are rooted. If you failed then follow the next guide.
Note: First try Boromir (1.5.0 APK), if it doesn't work then try Faramir (1.8.0) and then try Barahit (1.9.0) if you failed!

Guide 2: How To Root MTK phone with SRS Root Tool:

  • Install USB Drivers (Automatic installation!) from here.
  • Get SRS Root from here.
  • Open it and connect your device.
  • Go to Settings>About phone and tap 7 times on Build number on your Android device.
  • Go back and you'll see a new option, "Developer options".
  • Open it and enable USB Debugging from here".
  • Tap on Root Device (All methods).
  • Follow the onscreen instructions then!
If you failed then see the next guide.

Guide 3: How To ROot MTK phone with UnlockRoot Tool:
  • Make sure drivers are installed and work properly.
  • Get UnlockRoot app from here. Download Free edition only. Buy it to support the developer if you want to. 
  • Click on the big Root button on the right panel of the tool.
  • Follow onscreen instructions then! 
Guide 4: Try KingORoot, ERoot and other rooting tools too! 

If they don't work then comment your device model and manufacturer. I will download the firmware (if I could) and will make CWM Recovery for it and then you can flash CWM Recovery and root your MTK phone.

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  1. I could u provide me Cyanogenmod ROM for my spice coolpad 515 , I need your help .
    Thanks ........

  2. Anuj do you have a cyanogenmod rom or you are requesting for one.

    1. I m requesting for cyanogenmod ROM for coolpad 515 .......

  3. Can i install cyanogenmod 11 ROM kitkat 4.4 installed in micromax in my spice coolpad 515 as well ? I was asking for this one

    1. NO!! YOu can't. It will lead to soft brick for sure.

  4. R u facing problem in cyanogenmod ROM installed in canvas hd ? Is there any bug, soft. Problem .

    1. CM11 has bugs like Bluetooth n Dual SIM functioning also have some issues.

    2. Thanks. I came to know about this blog through xda, so I expect some ROMs for spice coolpad 515 which I could install .
      Whatabout xperia c ROM as it is mentioned ROMs for coolpad 515@ xda .
      I need help . Do share something about it. Thanks.........

  5. hi i have a micromax canvas2.2 and i want to root ....
    so can u plz tell me any defects for it which it may cause ....
    thnks in advance

  6. CWM for Micromax canvas juice A177 sir Pls


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