11 June 2014

Jelly Bean ROM for Micromax A106 Unite 2 | Guide to install

Jelly Bean ROM for Micromax A106 Unite 2 | Guide to install

Many people including me are facing too many bugs on Micromax Unite 2 A106 like frequent hangs, sometime the phone strucks and we need to put the battery again to fix it. Another bug is about OTG cable in Micromax A106. Also battery draining, SD Card problems also exist in the Unite 2.
One day when I saw on Facebook, My|Phone Rio Lite's group, I saw that they uploaded their Jelly Bean ROM. I flashed it and it worked. It worked absolutely fine, even with it's preloader and all files. Then I planned to make an easy guide for newbies to downgrade their MMX Unite 2 to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS.

Why To Downgrade?

  • To fix battery draining problem.
  • To fix the OTG bug.
  • To fix lags.
  • To get a more stable ROM.
How To Downgrade Micromax Unite 2 A106 to JB:
  • Download the Jelly Bean firmware by Gregson from Google Drive.
  • Download the Smart Phone Flasher (SP Flash Tool) from Google Drive.
  • Download USB Drivers for your Windows PC from Google Drive.
  • Install the drivers into your PC.
  • Backup your ROM from MTK Droid Root & Tools or download my Stock Firmware (Unrooted with stock recovery) from SGT.
  • Extract the SP Tools and open an executable file: flash_tool.exe.
  • Extract the ROM package.
  • Select Scatter loading from the tool and navigate to MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file present in the Stock Firmware of RIO LITE which you just now extracted.
  • All files will load automatically. In cache and data, select your protect files or simply select secro.img for both the files from the Rio Lite firmware.
  • You will see a text "Download only". Tap on it and you'll get a drop down menu. Select Firmware upgrade on it.
  • Now select that big green Download button to start off.
  • Remove the battery of your phone and add it back again.
  • Now plug in the USB and the downloading will start without any errors.
  • Plug out the USB cable.
  • Now untick all the files in "Download" section (Android, cache etc) and tick only "Preloader". Now select preloader.bin of MICROMAX UNITE 2!!

  • Select that big Download button again and make sure it is is in DOWNLOAD ONLY mode only.
  • Let it finish it work.
  • Now reboot your phone.
  • You will see an error about encryption.
  • Shut down the phone and press and hold Volume up and down + Power keys for some seconds.
  • Press Volume UP button to go to Recovery.
  • Press "Menu" (left most soft key) to see the options.
  • Scroll down with Volume down button and select wipe user data/factory reset. Select it using Menu button again, and confirm it with Menu button only!
  • Phone doesn't boot after performing the whole guide: It is because you flashed the prelodoader of MMX Unite 2 in the ROM.. Now select MMX Unite 2's scatter file and then try to perform the Write Memory steps again. Failed? If so then flash the whole firmware of MMX Unite 2 again to make the device normal and bootable. Get the stock firmware from here.. If still doesn't boot then just do till Firmware Upgrade in the guide.
  • I get an error which says PMT partition has been changed: Select Firmware upgrade to fix this problem and then flash JB ROM..but while flashing Prelaoder, make sure only Download ONLY is selected.
  • The download doesn't start: Install the USB Drivers properly and make sure that they're working (try using ADB) and also make sure you plug out the battery and then put it again. Without pressing Power button you should put the USB cable!
  • I get only 512 MB RAM: Don't worry, it's just a Preloader problem, you did it wrong! Flash our prelaoder using their scatter file..
How To Roll Back to KitKat on MMX Unite 2:
Click here to see how to flash the stock firmware again to get back to KK.
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  1. My device doesnt boot at all after stock preloader what to do pleaseeee

    1. Flash the stock firmware..;) Just flash the preloader.bin from "Download" button and using Rio Lite's Scatter file..it should work.

  2. hey dude
    i didnt make any backup of my previos rom
    so dont have micromax preloader.bin
    but i downloaded it from somewhere else the size is 12 mb
    but its not working
    im fed up now
    im getting a headache
    please help me
    at least upload a video of whole procedure
    so there will be no confusion

  3. I can understand it. Make sure you replace boot.img, if it stucks on bootanimation then PATCH the boot.img..Also make sure you patched all the files properly.. If you don't've preloader, you wound't be able to get even into bootloader..You can follow me on Google Plus too! :D

    Anyway, here's your Preloader of Micromax Unite 2 (KitKat): http://goo.gl/Tmk91J

  4. Thanks a lot my problem is that it boots but shows encryption unscucesfull and so it dosent let me load the rom

  5. Its okay now solved . Going to Port miui ASAP

  6. Hey trying to roll back to kitkat but it shows unregonised rom

    1. Add "system.ext4.img" as "Android"!! Firmware ugprade need all files!!

    2. im encountering the same problem of unrecognised rom
      if u get the answer can u help me out

  7. i followed ur guide for downgrade...but now no network at all....which .apk file in system shud i replace for solving netwrk issue....??? i can replace phone.apk or phoneprovider.apk or any other systm app,if it give result..

    1. No APK should be placed to get network. Write IMEI by MTK Droid Root & Tools.

  8. After install jb only 500 mp ram is available how to get 1gb ram

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I have only nvram backup
    Will you please give me the download link for unite 2 preloader.bin file

  11. preloader.bin Where to get it and iwhat to doo plz help i am geting 512 mb of ram!!

  12. hi sir we can install apps + data to sdcard on kitkat . can we do on jellybean as default because i want to install apps with big data.

  13. Hi I have installed the ROM but my sim cards not detecting. I have restored my IMEI/NVRAM but still same problem. Please suggest

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. This rom is not able to run games like mc4 which was running before on kk so what if we replace the build.prop with the buid.prop of kk

  16. can we only fix otg cable problem for pendrive support without root??????

  17. sir i got only 512mb ram. how to fix this problem.. plz give me that process

  18. hey rohan i want to roll back to kitkat
    but every time i try to flash the rom i get the same error of unregnised rom
    even i tried different methods from different blogs
    like use this scatter file instead of that
    unclick the preloader etc
    can u help me out in this situation so that i can install kit kat again
    because games like mc4 max payn are not working on this rom

  19. Sir how to roll back kitkat link not work.

  20. i have downgraded to jb now how to upgrade to android l
    there is nooption of install zip inrecovery mode
    plz help me


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