7 July 2014

[Confirmed][Screenshot] Motorola Moto G will definitely get Android L update.

[Confirmed][Screenshot] Motorola Moto G will definitely get Android L update.

Hey friends, I had a chat with Motorola just now and I asked them about Android L. Guess what! They said it will be released for Moto G as soon as it goes official. They didn't tell me how much time they will take to release the update or any thing regrading this. They just told me that they'll be releasing Android L update for Moto G.
I saw a post on GSMArena about this and to confirm this once again, I asked them again. The first time they said no because it's not officialy released, but when I asked 'when it will go official', then they answered Yes. I asked that which variants of Moto G will get, but they simply replied 'We don't have any official news about this, sorry'. 
If you don't know Android L then let me tell you some of it's best features:

  • Project Hera: The Material design is just amazing. This is just like upgrading from GingerBread to Ice cream Sandwich. Google from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.4.4 didn't make much changes in the UI, but the Android L will be having many changes which will have beautiful animations, edge-cutting UI etc.
  • Project Volta: Does your phone eats a lot of battery? Now don't worry, because Project Volta will be enabled in Moto G and will surely save much battery even if you are a hardcore gamer.
  • Heads up notifications: The notifications will appear on screen itself! You don't need to pull down the notification bar for this thing only.
  • Camera 2 API: Get crispy photos without letting your phone slow and it also won't consume much RAM!
  • More faster: It is made for devices which have slow processor which makes it flawless in high-end devices like Moto G.
This is my personal chat with Motorola's representative:

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  1. It should be "Official" if Motorola releases the update! ROFL @ Screenshot ! :P

    1. Hi, everything is correct out here. I've said 'as soon as it get's official'. I mean't official release of Android L, it's common sense.


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