26 July 2014

How To Get 50 Rs Recharge for FREE [Verified and Working]

How To Get 50 Rs Recharge for FREE [Verified and Working]

I was bored of posting the ROMs, Kernels etc. so panned to make a recharge trick for all of my blog visitors. I've tested this trick on my 3 phones and all of 'em got recharged successfully. You just need to download an app and you get 50 Rs topup. Easy? Yeah it's!
I will make this guide as easy as I can so don't worry about that too. Let's begin! 

  • WeChat Application from Google Play Store:
    Get it on Google Play
How To Get 50 Rs Topup for free:
  • Download and install WeChat on your Android/iOS phone or any OS which supports WeChat.
  • Login into your account or Signup for a new account with your phone number.
  • You'll be verified with that number via SMS or Call.
  • After signing in, send a message to any of your friend. The message may include a text, free call, sticker or emotions, but I will suggest you to send a text message because I personally sent a text message to one of my friend.
  • Wait for 4-5 hours and you will get a message from WeChat about a recharge of 50 Rs. Note: You can close WeChat after sending your message. It's not necessary to open WeChat for 4-5 hours.
  • Click on it, enter the number you want to topup and select Recharge.
  • You will get a Successful message with "Awesome! Your free recharge is SUCCESSFUL" text and also you'll get your recharge very soon!
Great! You've got 50 Rs Recharge. Now you can uninstall WeChat if you want. You can try this trick on different phones with different numbers. One phone with 2 numbers don't work I think. You try it yourself and report it by comments. Stay tuned for more Recharge and Freebie things!
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  1. Bro is this process 100% free? do i need to give my credit card number??

  2. It works broda! I got 50 rs recharge after 3 hours....Thanks rohan bro for this awesome trick. :)

  3. It not work now ! expired !


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