24 July 2014

How To Install HTC Sense 6 Launcher on all Android phones

How To Install HTC Sense 6 Launcher on all Android phones

HTC is one of the best manufacturers because of their premium quality of phones and their UI- the Sense UI! The most recent version of Sense UI is 6 and the developers on XDA have ported this launcher to all other Android phones running KitKat. JB users, sorry, please install a theme in Go Launcher etc. it's only for KitKat.
Talking about this launcher app, I'd like to say that it is an amazing work by Senior Member gakugaku on XDA who ported Sense 6 Launcher for all Android Phones.
The another thing about his port is that you get themed versions of this launcher. You can theme the launcher with in it. You don't need any custom apps. BlinkFeed works well in this launcher with all the HTC apps that're required for this.
You will get all the latest feeds, news, important notifications here in the launcher it self with very nice animations and UI.


  • HTC BlinkFeed 12: Click here.
  • BlinkFeed color changing app: Click here. Or buy it from Play Store to support the dev.
How To Get this in your Phone:
  • Download and place the Htc_BlinkFeed_12.zip file in your computer.
  • Extract it using WinZIP/WinRAR etc. or you can also do it directly with your phone using "Explorer" or any other zipping/unzipping utility software available.
  • You will get Twitter, Weather, BlinkFeed and hsp. All of them would be in .apk format.
  • Install all these applications one by one in your phone.
  • Press Home button and select BlinkFeed as your launcher (you may select it as default too).
  • Enjoy! :)
Bugs and Fixes:
  • Weather app crashing or not showing: Uninstall the Weather app from Settings. Reboot.
  • Do I need to root my phone to try it: No! Install these apps without having supersu permissions.
  • Where're the other plugins which original Sense UI have?: They've not been ported yet.
If you've any problem with the launcher or any app, please feel free to comment below!
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